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        About KEJI

        ABOUT  US


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        About KEJI

        About KEJI   

            Deyang Keji High-tech Materials Co., Ltd. was established in August 2001, mainly engaged in the research and development, modification and production of polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), polyether ether ketone (PEEK) and other special engineering plastics. The company has a group of polymer materials, chemical analysis, business management and other senior talents. At the same time with the United States Chevron. Phillips Chemical Company, Japan Wuyu Company, Japan Baoli Company, America Tecona Company, Britain ICI Company, Germany Evonik Company and other special engineering plastics enterprises have established business relations, and established good technical cooperation relations with Sichuan University, Jilin University, Mianyang Ninth Institute, etc., with strong research, development and production capacit
            Enterprise goal: "The pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation" as the goal.
            Our business philosophy is to create value for users, seek returns for shareholders, and contribute to the development of mankind.
            Now human beings are facing the problems of climate warming and decreasing energy and increasingly serious pollution. With the enhancement of human awareness of environmental protection and the pursuit of healthy and comfortable living environment, enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges. The company is committed to environmental protection and new energy materials.
            Constantly introducing new products is our goal, but also the company based on this. The more challenging the new products are, the more confidence and passion we have to meet the challenges. At present, our company's products include: PPS modified materials, PPS fiber grade resin, PPS monofilament grade resin, PPS extruded grade resin, coating grade resin, film grade resin, polyether ether ketone (PEEK) modified materials, PEEK fiber grade resin, PEEK monofilament resin, PEEK coating grade resin, PPS composite filament, PPS monofilament, PPS film, PEEK film, basalt fiber Cloth, special battery fireproof and explosion-proof cloth.



        General manager's speech

           Deyang Keji High-tech Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D, production, sales of special engineering plastics enterprises. Since its inception, always adhere to the dedication to the society, serve the people, through the joint interaction with domestic and foreign enterprises, has become a domestic special engineering plastic post-processing well-known enterprises, we are seeking further development.

            Our business philosophy is "create value for users, seek returns for shareholders, and contribute to the development of mankind." The goal is to become a trusted partner for customers.

            Now the society is developing at an amazing speed, we must collect information in advance, predict the future development direction and customer needs, and create more social value.

            I firmly believe that there is justice in the world and that efforts will always be rewarded. I hope that every employee of the company will feel proud to work for the company and make continuous contributions to the society.